The W Arrow

The wanderer travels in a path that may go strait for a period of time, but then it might take a sudden turn deviating from the original path but still moving forward. This is the life of a nomad, exploring and learning who they are deviant from the paths that have been put on us and finding our own.

The W arrow represents that. Perhaps that’s a little bit overthought but that’s what I do. I’m learning to be OK with that and maybe one day I’ll use it as a strength. I don’t want to just settle with someone else’s path I want to find my own and I want to stay true to that.

That’s all I’ve got for now, I don’t really expect anyone to read this but I wanted to put it out there. It’s not just a W arrow, it’s a direction. Perhaps one day it will fly a little truer but for now I’ll let it wander with the Wander Effect.